Enemy commanders
Attack Sword
Abilities None
Health Four blows - sword
Game(s) Double Edged

Enemy commanders are enemies in the game Double Edged.


Enemy commanders appear as enemy soldiers with a rusty helmet and a burgundy plume. Because their helmet is worn out and rusty, this may imply that commanders have more battle experience. This would explain why they are harder to defeat as well.

Game information

Enemy commanders are the commanders of the enemy side the player is fighting against. Enemy commanders are stronger and fight better then enemy soldiers, who they command. Enemy commanders will slash their sword at the player more times than their soldiers will, and are more stronger than their soldiers are, able to take twice the amount of damage usual soldiers can.

Enemy commanders often enter the battle with some troops around them, usually three or four. Enemy commanders arm themselves with strong weaponry - hammers, a lion hammer (on level 3-1), bow and arrows - , most of the time, as to more easily protect themselves.


"Save me"

- An enemy commander upon losing half its health on level 1-1

"It would be wise not to wake Talos from his slumber!"

- An enemy commander upon being encountered in level 1-4

"Turn back you fool! The Colossus is upon us!"

- An enemy commander upon being encountered in level 1-4

"Thanks to the Priests of Hecate this war is won! The Reptile scum are harmless chickens ..Ha Ha!!"

- An enemy commander upon being encountered in level 2-4

"Hahaha... I found this lion hammer in the tomb of King Cecrops. I'm invincible!!!"

- An enemy commander upon being encountered in level 3-1


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