This article is about enemies from Silly Sausage. For enemies from other games, please see Enemies.

Enemies in the game Silly Sausage are hazards with an eyespot.



A blade

Blades are the first enemies to be introduced in Silly Sausage. They move back and forth either vertically or horizontally, turning once they hit an object such as a block or another blade. Because they move in predictable patterns, the player requires good timing to get the stretchy dog past them.



This section is about fireballs from Silly Sausage. For fireballs from other games, please see Fireballs.


A fireball

Introduced in level 3, fireballs bounce off blocks and hurt the stretchy dog on contact. They typically follow a set path, unless placed in open areas. Sometimes, their path of travel is shown by different shaded squares in the grid of the background. In level 21, six fireballs appear chained together, and two of these sets of six move around a level.



A bubble

The bubble is makes its first appearance in level five. When stationary, it pulsates. The red "eyespot" will then begin blinking as the bubble makes its way towards the stretchy dog. Like moving spike diamonds, later introduced in level 12, the bubble moves only a small distance ahead of itself before remaining stationary again. Two bubbles make another appearance in level 15, as the stretchy dog navigates with cloud blocks to reach the finish line.


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