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This article is about enemies from Jack Frost. For enemies from other games, please see Enemies.

A list of enemies in the game Jack Frost. Enemies appear as a creature with a round head, a body, and feet. Both enemies can walk on platforms, and will hurt Jack Frost if they are ran into from the sides. Since Jack Frost has the ability to freeze blocks, jumping on the heads of these creatures will freeze them solid for a while, but cannot freeze them to death. Like all freezable enemies, they will eventually thaw out, but while they are frozen can be used as platforms. Two types of enemies exist, the primitive red enemies, and the advanced purple enemies.

Orange nose enemies

Main article: Orange nose enemies

Purple nose enemies

Main article: Purple nose enemies

Living Gaps

Main article: Living Gaps


Main article: Lizards


Main article: Dragons (Jack Frost)

Black Birds

Main article: Black birds

Ice skaters

Main article: Ice skaters

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