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This article is about enemies from Avalanche. For enemies from other games, please see Enemies.

A list of enemies in the game Avalanche that appear in both regular level mode and survival mode.


Attack Jumping out of hole
Game(s) Avalanche

Rabbits have a pink body, with yellow hands and ears, a nose, mouth, and two eyes. They can hurt the penguin by jumping out of their hole. Survival mode contains a part that has a trio of three holes, however, only one hole has a rabbit.

Polar bears


This article is about polar bears from Avalanche. For polar bears from other games, please see Polar bears.

Polar bears
Attack Running, dangerous on contact
Game(s) Avalanche
Polar Bear Frozen

A frozen polar bear in ice

Polar bears have a tan coloured body, along with two pink ears, a giant mouth, feet, a red nose and two hands. They temporarily stun the penguin on contact. Polar bears are found running at medium speed in regularly high parts of levels. They are also found in a section of survival mode where two polar bears run simultaneously.

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