An ending is a scene, video, image or caption seen at the end of a Nitrome game. It concludes the plot of the game. To see an ending, the player must complete every level in the game, including the final level. Bonus levels are not necessary to see an ending, but this may differ for different games. Endings range from being a simple screen, to minute-long animations. Some endings are also animations in a small box. Mini games do not include endings. Below is a list of endings. If a reader does not want to know the endings to the below Nitrome games, do not press "Show" on the tabs beneath the titles of the game.


Aquanaut Spoilah
The screen reads:

You are the ultimate Treasure Hunter

Below the words is the a fish trophy. Treasure will also fall from the screen, and the player can hover over them with the cursor, although it will not effect the player's score.


The screen reads "Congratulations! You arrive home safely to feed your children. What a good parent you are!" An animation is also seen of the penguin feeding the fish caught to the babies.

Bad Ice-Cream

The three flavoured ice cream characters are in three separate cones, with a wafer bar on the side of the chocolate ice cream's head, a piece of fruit for the pink ice cream, and a cherry for the vanilla ice cream. The cones are in a floor made of fruit, along with confetti falling.
Bad Ice Cream - Ending

Bad Ice-Cream 2

Bad Ice Cream 2 - Ending

Bad Ice-Cream 3

Bad Ice-Cream 3 - Ending

Beneath The Lighthouse

The lighthouse flickers on and begins shining a rotating light around the area, which is now shown to be dark and rainy. The camera pans right, showing the grandpa looking at a piece of paper while riding on a ship called FOSSIL. Noticing the working lighthouse, he tosses the map and sails his way back to shore.

The boy is then seen pacing back and forth in front of the door to the lighthouse when the grandpa walks up to him. The two embrace each other, and the boy gives the grandfather his cap back. The grandfather puts it on his head and hesitates before shaking his head and putting the cap on the boy. The boy looks up at the cap, then at his grandfather.

The camera zooms out to reveal the boy and the grandpa as a white flash appears and the rain slows down. As the clouds clear away, an ascending scale plays as the camera pans up and stops on the night sky, with the title "Beneath the Lighthouse" appearing among the stars.
Beneath the Lighthouse end scene02:02

Beneath the Lighthouse end scene

B.C. Bow Contest

B.C. Bow contest appears to have no ending.

Blast RPG

The screen reads "Congratulations! You have defeated all monsters and randomly saved a princess". Above the caption is an image of the Boy Knight and Princess.
BRPG Ending

The Ending


The player, as Bomba, has to blast away moss that it is covering up the end screen with bombs. Once it his been cleared, the screen reads "Congratulations! You blasted and dodged all the way to the end. Well Done!”

The ending with the moss


The ending without the moss

Bump Battle Royale



BHead Ending
The end screen reads "You have defeated the alien invaders. The Triclopion War is over. Good job soldier!". The image seen is the Red and Yellow Triclopian Soldier standing over some Robot parts with their Gun Helmet's off.


Canary 214-LE escapes the doomed Canary Mining Colony CM08, and after it explodes, flies off. An alien spinner also escapes, and begins to replicate in space.
Canary - Ending00:28

Canary - Ending


Canopy EndingThe main character can be seen relaxing on branch, eating some fruit.

Castle Corp - Castleware for All Occasions

The end screen is an image of a newspaper, with the main article being Boss CEO in stocks and vegetables and fruits thrown at him. The main headline is "Happy Family Shields and Accessories Inc. Files for Bankruptcy!

Castle Corp ending

Cave Chaos

The brown miner jumps up three platforms and runs up to his girlfriend. He then does his happy dance (the one he does when he completes a level).
CC Ending1
Cave Chaos E00:09

Cave Chaos E

Cave Chaos 2

Home-Sweet-Home Miner
The miner is seen sitting on a bench at home made out of the skeleton of the Under-Dweller. In the background a Pushy can be seen.



Cheese Dreams

The mouse ship moves on to the screen, and the moon is farted out the ship's rear end. The screen starts shaking, and both the Mouse Ship and The Moon are swallowed by an even bigger cat ship.
Cheese Dreams E00:13

Cheese Dreams E

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

CD2 ending

Chick Flick

There is no ending. Instead, a bonus level named "Nut Storage" is unlocked.


The end screen reads (without the names):

Chiseller: Job's done... all planets destroyed boss!
Chiseller's Boss: You fool you've destroyed the wrong galaxy!
An image of Chiseler looking sad and Chisseler's Boss jumping up angy is seen, along with a few planets Chiseller destroyed.

Chisel 2

A box says Congratulations! Then words start appearing at the top of the screen from Foreman Buzz saying: "Hold it right there my boy! Now I've got you in my clasp it's time to teach you a lesson. A stint of cleanup duty should do the trick! I will come back and see how you're getting along in say a couple of months... Now get to work!!!"

Then a picture of Chiseler with a bunch of mixed up planets, and words from him say: "Bip bop! I think I'm finished boss!" ;)

Chisel 2 ending

The Ending


A scientist holding two cords is seen looking into a glass sphere that houses Coil. The scientist plugs the two cords together and a white flash is seen. After this flash is a picture of Earth covered in electricity, with Coil wrapped around Earth.
Coil - ending00:38

Coil - ending

Cold Storage

The Yeti is shot up, and a "Yay" is heard. He then lands on a Burger without the top bun taken off. The Giant, who extended his burger out to catch the Yeti, begins to sprinkle Salt on him. He then brings the top bun down on his Burger, and the Yeti. The end screen reads: "you escaped from Cold Storage".Cold storage1

Colour Blind

Colour Blind - Ending01:02

Colour Blind - Ending


Pink letters spelling "WELL DONE" dangle from a giant web, with the Spider hanging below, with confetti fluttering from the top of the screen.

Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam

The ending for Dirk Valentine consists of 2 end screens.

End Screen 1

With the Baron vanquished, Dirk and Victoria escaped, leaving the Navy to destroy the fortress.
The Queen led Britain on its successful counter attacks on the Baron's scattered forces.
Monty became a Millionaire when he started a company making construction guns using chains.
And Dirk, he returned to England, only to encounter a little problem in...
Dirk Valentine and the Martin Underworld

End Screen 2

An image of a newspaper showing a picture of the Fortress of Steam being destroyed, with the headline "Baron Battenbergs fortress destroyed! Queen Returns from mystery holiday! Baron's Body not found".


Ditto ending

Double Edged

The Red Crested Spartan Soldier walks up to the Princess. The Princess jumps down, and the Spartan is about to kiss her when she yells out "No way! You think just because you rescued me… You get a kiss? Now take me Home! Well Done!"


Pixelly clouds can be seen in the background. The end screen reads: "Well Done! Disguised as cute bunnies, your army of ferocious monsters have been deployed all over happy land. The reign of terror begins.
Oddly, the last sentence has been removed from the Droplets ending.

Enemy 585

Nitrome Enemy 585 Last Level (1-1) walkthrough and ending05:10

Nitrome Enemy 585 Last Level (1-1) walkthrough and ending

Fat Cat

Behind a black background with stars, the text reads, "Well done! You finally reached the intergalactic picnic area and saved the universe along the way. The Owl and Cat arrive on the Big Cat's tummy, with the player's score shown below.

Fault Line

Zapo is in his testing chamber, charging and uploading data to a computer. Fault Line ending

Feed Me!

In the ending, an image is shown of the Venus Fly Trap near a door, still in the Greenhouse, against the sunset. The words on the top say "You have completed all of the levels and escaped the greenhouse!"
Feed Me Ending

The End Screen

Final Ninja

The first image seen is an image of Takeshi having taken his helmet off. Akuma then says his final words, with Takeshi replying to him.

Akuma: zzzt...Takeshi...zzzt...I thought Robot Zero was enough to beat you...zzzt... I was wrong, you are the last of the Masters. The Criminal Underworld will never be the same. I am honoured to have fought you...zzzt...uurgh
Takeshi: Goodbye Akuma. You are honored of being the final kill of the final ninja.
Takeshi: It is time to bin the suit. The Ninja will become a legend, and...
Takeshi: I need a holiday...
In Takeshi's last quote, an image of Takeshi's Ninja Suit in a garbage can is seen, with Takeshi standing on his house, looking out at the City.

Final Ninja Zero

A black screen appears, which reads: "" even brought some of my guards back. Excellent work Takeshi! You'll go far in this organization. And SnowFox, I'm not letting you on another of these undercover missions, you Mother and I had enough worrying. And I know its a long journey home, so both of you: Behave!"
"And Takeshi, I'm still your Boss"
The player also gets there scores rated, depending on how much of that score they got.
Oddly, the words before the first comma in the last sentence, even the comma, were removed some time after the release of the game.

Flash Cat

The words,"Congratulations! You completed Flashcat!" can be seen, and fireworks appear in the background.


The Red Racer is seen next to his Flipside with an exit leading outside the Racing Empire Prison. The screen reads "Congratulations! By winning the Tournament you have won your freedom, and you are set free from the Prison!

Flipside Ending


The ending shows a sick person with snot coming out of their nose, this person sometimes coughing.
Ending at 1:19

Flue - level 15 Ending01:57

Flue - level 15 Ending

Frost Bite

The Eskimo is in his house, on a chair with a sign on the wall saying "Home Sweet Home", amongst a couple animal head trophy's.
Frost bite end screen

The End Screen

Frost Bite 2

The screen reads "Congratulations! You conquered all the mountains, now its time to take this equipment off and get warm by the fire!" An image is shown above of the the Eskimo with her Parka off, in her home, near her fireplace.

FB2 ending

Graveyard Shift

A scroll like end screen is seen, which reads: Congratulations! You survived another night on the job! Better get some sleep, becuase its back to work at 8 pm tomorrow - those Maidens won't save themselves!"

Green Ninja

Green Ninja ending


Gunbrick Ending

Words scroll down the screen that say:

"The galaxy was safe once again. The Gunbrick had destroyed the weapon known as 'Cylinder 25*9'.



Aaron Steed


Stefan Ahlin


Dave Cowen

Game By


Copyright(C) Nitrome 2012

Thank you for playing"


The bottom screen reads:
Well done at using your head! But Norman is now heading somewhere else. What a headache!

Will Norman ever find his way home?

. At the top of the screen, there's an image of Norman in a dark area with several pieces of metal with holes in them and several green eyes watching him.

Ending screen

Hot Air!

The Background for the game is shown with the words "You got the reflexes of a Ninja!".

Hot Air 2: All Blown Up

First Ending

The following ending is achieved by defeating Baron Von Blimp.

Hot Air and his Girlfriend are standing on 2 separate pads, with hearts going up. Baron von Blimp's Blimp has the words scribbled in Pink "Just Married". Hot Air looks at Baron Von Blimp as he in his Balloon jumps up in his cage angrily. A stork then flies across the screen, past Hot Air. An anxious expression then appears on his face.

Second Ending

The following ending is achieved after the defeat of Big Daddy.
A screen saying "Congratulations! You completed the game!" pops up, with confetti falling from the top of the screen.

Hot Air Jr

Penguin 1

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Hot Air Jr. and Squeak the Dog are seen flying through the air while Hot Air Jr. throws a stick for Squeak to fetch and return. Beneath the scene are the words "Despite his trauma Squeak the Dog recovered over a game of fetch.

Hot Air Jr. ending

Ice Beak

Penguin 1

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Ice Beak - Ending00:48

Ice Beak - Ending


Ice Breaker

The First Clan Vikings are seen on their Boat, and all the crew members are jumping up. The screen reads "Congratulations! Final Score: #"

Ice Breaker: The Gathering

Ice Breaker: The Gathering also has no ending. It just says that you completed the game.

Ice Breaker: The Red Clan

The Ice Breaker: Red Clan ending is similar to the original Ice Breaker ending. The Red Clan is seen in there Longboat, jumping up happily. Above is the words "Congratulations!" and the player's score is shown.

In the Dog House

Bones fall from the top of the screen, with text reading, "Congratulations!" and below it, "Thank you for making it all the way!" The player's final score is also displayed below. In the doghouse end screen


J-J-Jump - Ending00:33

J-J-Jump - Ending

Jack Frost

An image of Purple Frost throwing a snowball at Jack Frost is seen. The world around them is seen to be covered with snow, with a couple snowmen with the head of an enemy from the game.

Knight Trap

After the Knights came to her on the rooftop of the castle, she was surprised that more than one of the Knights survived. She then lied to Knights, breaking her promise and telling the Knights that she herself wanted to become a Knight. After speaking, and all her traps activated, the Knights left her at the top of the castle.

The Princess questioned the Knights how she was to get down, the head Knight replied with "That's your problem lady!". Thus, the Princess was left at the top of the castle, constantly yelling help.


The Green and Pink heads are jumping up and down happy to be separated. In the background, an infinite number of all the enemies in the game are falling into the Lava below.
Knuckleheads ending


In the ending, Lockehorn successfully frees all of his people, and the frost covered land reverts back into a tropical paradise.

Lockehorn - (Ending)


Behind a black grid with some colours running through the lines, large orange block letters read "Well Done!" Below, in red text, the words read, "Thanks for playing" and display the player's score below.

Mallet Mania

A green box reads "Congratulations! Thank you for playing!".

Mega Mash

Penguin 1

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The words appear on the bottom right of a black screen:
All Bosses defeated.......
Game conclusion required.......
Conclusion calculated......
Now Displaying......

The screen for the game, an image seen on the menu, the character, and the name of the game is shown, as follows:

Carrot Story
Fluffykins the Bunny reigned over the Land of Carrots for many years with an iron fist. His era bringing forth the darkest of its kind yet known.

His rule was finally brought to an end by an unknown tracksuited hero!
Xolstar 3
With the dragon of the planet "Insectica Prime" finally destroyed, the Interplanetary Planet Alliance of Planets was at peace again.
The journey of the Balloon became a legend in the World of Air and many of the inhabitants wished to follow the journey the balloon had made.
So Balloon decided to help them and attach a basket to his string and starting the
"Hot Air Balloon Travel Company"
Nitrometris blocks continued being Nitrometris blocks!
Seriously, you want an ending to a game that was just Tetris clone!?!
Come on guys, don't be silly!
Blast-Man Joe
Blastman Joe finally found the lost treasure of the Ascii tribe.
His fame and fortune made him the most renowened explorer of the 20th century. The lost treasure of the Ascii tribe was put on display at the British Museum of Rare Artefacts.
With the pesky bricks smashed forever, the Faceballs enjoyed their newfound freedom.

After rescuing his Bride from the dreaded Trans-Mech_Samurai and the Tengu Yakuza Gang, the unnamed Ninja settled down on the mountain forests of japan. However, on one dark and rainy night, the unnamed Ninja mysteriously disappeared, with only smashed robot pieces left behind. Leaving his wife to raise his new born son......


The screen goes back to the black screen. It reads:

You completed 7 games........
At the same time........

The Mega Mash logo appears, with the words "Congratulations" above it.

Mega Mash Ending02:02

Mega Mash Ending

A image of the first scenes of the endings:


All the ending images

Mirror Image

The Warlock is seen happily jumping up as all the Demons are seen being sucked into the Void below. The void disappears, revealing Space.


The Captain and all the crew members are on on their boat amongst there bags of money and plunder. The Pirate Captain quickly strikes up a conversation.

Captain: Arrgh Ahoy Mateys! That be too easy! Them bunch of lilly livered land lubbers never stood a chance! We be both filthy and rich now! Nothing be standing in our way! Yo ho ho…
Pirate 1:Aye… that be true. Unless we be bumping into the kraken that is.
Captain: Kraken… what Kraken?
Pirate 2: Yarrrrrggggh… I think he be on about the sequel captain.
Captain: …Sequel… what sequel?


The three types of Nanobots are seen in the background going all around firing their weapons, while a screen reads:
Out of four competing nanite research teams,the human piloted nanobot won the contest. Even their combined efforts against you were not enough

The government has awarded a contract to your company to make more nanobots. Production has gone full scale

Nothing can stand in your way


Nebula is seen at the top of the screen, with a glowing yellow light surrounding it. The big red star and the rest of the Nebula's family is seen below it, with the caption "Well done! You're now a sun."

Nitrome Must Die!!!!

The Nitrome Boss falls from his ship and hits the floor. The letters N I T R M and E fall, then falls the O on the boss. Austin and Justin fall into a hill of cash. Then, a few days later, Austin searches for, but it comes up as not existing. He then begins to chat with his friend over the internet, and they decide to make their own game making studio.


The Skeleton is seen doing the movement he does when his head is reunited with his body, with the word "Congratulations!" seen above.

Off the Rails

The word "Congratulations" is at the top of the screen, and below is a list of the number of enemies (and cacti) that died during the game. Their souls can be seen flying up to Heaven on feathery wings.

Office Trap

After the workers reached Godfrey Nectarine IV, they ask him for jobs. Godfrey, feeling uneasy, tells them he is going to sell the company and become a princess. The workers leave, thinking he's crazy.



A screen pops up which reads: “For making it through all the trials the tribe holds a feast in your honor“. An image of a a Pig-like creature on a spit, over fire, is seen. An Orange Faced Tribeman is seen playing a Flute, a Green Faced one is seen carrying Tomatoes, a Purple one holding a spear, and a Blue Faced One; most likely the Chieftain, jumping up happily.


Oodlegobs - Ending00:21

Oodlegobs - Ending


An image of the Alien Space Squid is seen at the wheel of his ship. He says: "oof! so full! i'm almost ready to burst! (not like I haven't done many time already, hur hur). but i think i can manage one more snack..."
A computer screen then pops up that reads:
!!New Source Found!!
System: Milky Way
Planet: Earth
70% Depleted

Pest Control

A multicolor statue of a fly is seen with "CONGRATULATIONS!".

Pixel Pop

The word congratulations flashes in different colors as fireworks shoot off in the background.


Plunger - Ending

Power Up

The screen reads "Thank you for powering up our death rays! Let the invasion begin!". Below the text is an image of the Power Up robots coming in great numbers to a city and destroying buildings with the electricity.



Ribbit ending00:30

Ribbit ending

A cutscene of Dr.Siamese putting more creatures into the Merge-o-matic.

Dr. Siamese: More, more, more animals to be merged!

Ribbit: Not so fast! Ribbit

Ribbit: Take that! Ribbit

Ribbit knocks Dr. Siamese into the Merge-o-matic. He comes out fused with all the animals.

Dr. Siamese: Curses! How am I supposed to operate my Merge-o-matic without opposable thumbs? My plan is foiled!

The words "Congratulations appear over a black screen.


An image of Rockitty without her helmet, in a ship, on a chair, is seen. The caption below reads: Miaow! I'm stuffed! Time to head back to my home Catatopia and have a Cat Nap!" A Cat Miawow is also heard when the End Screen first comes up.

Roly Poly

The Words: "Congratulations" Total Score: (Score) You are the Roly Poly guru!
Roly Poly End Screen

The End Screen

Rubble Trouble

Rubble T. ednThe top of the screen reads "!!Success!! All jobs complete!". All the brothers are in the Ultismasher 3000, while the Boss has lots of cash and is in a fancy car.

Rubble Trouble Moscow

Nitrome Rubble Trouble Moscow - Ending01:19

Nitrome Rubble Trouble Moscow - Ending

Rubble Trouble Tokyo

The boss tells Gary and Barry that all their jobs have been done, but when asked if they can go on a holiday, he tells them they have a new contract. Barry gets the helicopter and they all get in. Then an endless stream of Larrys (due to the fact he got cloned) follow after, shouting "Wait for us!"


The Yellow Runner is on the top of a podium holding a Trophy, while the other 3 are on the ground sad.

Rust Bucket

After defeating the centipede and reaching the end level stairs, an ending screen with Rust Bucket smiling to the player and wearing a square academic cap is shown.
RustBucket tutorial ending

The tutorial levels ending screen

After defeating the enemy wave and reaching the stairs, Rust Bucket smiling and wearing crown is shown.

Rust Bucket castle ending

The castle levels ending screen


An image of the Robot is seen holding hands with his girlfriend. The words located over them read "Congratulations!", and below them the words read the player's final score.


An image of 6 Sleepwalkers sleeping in a bed is shown with the words below:
"You managed to get the sleepwalkers back from the Land of Nod!
As a reward you now have the power of multicolured sand!"
Sandman end screen

The End Screen


The Blots are jumping up and down, happy, in a colourful world with a rainbow in the background and a light blue sky.
Scribble end screen

The End Screen

Silly Sausage

Penguin 1

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A sad sound effect is heard as the stretchy dog is dropped onto a hot dog bun. Then, a bottle of ketchup with the label "Bad Ketchup" on it it squirts some of the sauce onto the stretchy dog. The words "HOT DOG" appear in colourful letters above the image.
Silly Sausage - Ending00:23

Silly Sausage - Ending

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Penguin 1

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The dog stretches out and continue to stretch until it enters a dog house. Back in reality, the stretchy dog is seen sleeping in a basket. A man places a bowl full of meat on the floor, which the stretchy dog sniffs and wakes up. The stretchy dog jumps up with some meat products near him, followed by a "The End" screen with the total percentage of gems that the player had collected throughout the game.
Silly Sausage in Meat Land - Ending00:19

Silly Sausage in Meat Land - Ending

Sky Serpents

The Young Norse Warrior walks in and starts up a conversation with his Father.
Young Norse Warrior: I did it! I did it! I beat your record!
Father: Really"... I didn't think you would be able to find so many! I thought I'd killed most of them round these parts years back!
Young Norse Warrior: You better believe it 15 and counting! You only managed 14 and you spent you whole life doing it.
Father: PFT!.......HAHAHAHA!
Young Norse Warrior: What's so funny? Cant take seeing your record smashed by me at such a young age?
Father: No no..... that's not bad for such a young pup! But.... My record isn't 14, it's 140!... Really boy if you had showed me some respect and listened to me more you would have known that!
Young Norse Warrior: (young Norse warrior falls a bit back startled)
Father: Son?
Young Norse Warrior: ......
Father: Son You Ok? Not like you to be lost for your words!
Father: You don't look to well there son!
Young Norse Warrior: 140!
Father: HAHA Well maybe you will get there!... One Day
"Congratulations" is then seen.


A screen saying "Congratulations! You completed the Game!" is present, with confetti falling from the top of the screen.

Skywire 2

There are two endings for Skywire 2.

Ending 1

The following ending is unlocked after the completion of the Final Level (level 30):
All the Bean People in the game are jumping up and down happy. The screen reads:
Game Complete
As a reward you have now unlocked the levels from the original Skywire game!
You will be able to play these levels in 2 player mode!
You have also unlocked a new cable car!

The Cable Car the player unlocks is Rainbow - a mix of all the Cable Car colours.

Ending 2

The screen reads "Congratulations! (Again) You have now completed the whole Game!As a final reward you have unlocked another new Cable Car Design!"

The player finally unlocks the final Cable Car - Flashing, a speed through all the colours of the Cable Cars.

Skywire V.I.P.

All the bean people are in he background, Mat and Heather then jump onto the stage and begin to talk.
Heather: Ladies and Gentlemen...
Heather: Well folks we're now at the end of our show!
Mat: And what a show it was...
Heather: Everyone turned up who was invited!
Mat: As well as a few who weren't!
Heather: Ah you have to love those z-listers.
Mat: And with that there's only one thing left to say...
Heather: Good night and have a safe journey home!
Mat: Hey that was my line!
Heather: I thought maybe it should be my turn to finish.
Mat: But... It was my line... I'm the star!
Heather: I hate you... you never let me speak!
Mat: Yeah well maybe you shouldn't!
Heather: I'm the popular one!
Mat: Is that the best you can do?
Heather: I can do better... just keep going.
Mat: Are we really going to sit here and argue?
Heather: Well we haven't got any legs so what else are we going to do?
Mat: We could at least not do it in front of the gamers.
Heather: When else are we going to do it...
Mat: ...When the game is closed...
Heather: ...Do we even exist?
Mat: Maybe we should keep on talking so they don't close us down.
Heather: ...But I have run out of things to say.
Mat: Oh great now you finally shut up... Typical!
Heather: ...
Mat: ...
Heather: Please don't close us!
Mat: There's more game honest!
Heather: Just give it a minute!
Mat: I'm sure it will load up secret levels or something!
Heather: Or maybe if you wait long enough...
Mat: We can get an artist to make more pixel people.
Heather: As long as it's not Mat.
Mat: Why not Mat?
Heather: Look what he did with my hair!
Mat: Whats wrong with it?
Heather: Whats right with it?
Mat: There's not a pixel out of place!
Heather: How can you tell? There are so few pixels!
Mat: Yeah I don't get it - why didn't he draw us bigger?
Heather: He sure is Lazy.
Mat: I would watch what you say...
Heather: Why?
Mat: Well if he did the art maybe he wrote this text too?
Heather: Flibliwibbledooblewam!
Mat: Thats definitely Mat... he's getting you back!
Heather: I'm really a man in a dress!
Mat: There he goes... doesn't know when to stop!
Heather: How do you know he won't do it to you?
Mat: I don't wash my hands after the toilet!
Heather: Oh! To late!
Mat: Maybe there's a way we can get back in his good books?!
Heather: Yeah maybe he will even net us be in Skywire 3!
Mat: Sweet! That would be cool!
Heather: Oh Mat your the best artist in the world..
Mat: Yeah you should make games for consoles or something.
Heather: Ok don't ham it up to much!
Mat: Hang are we saying this or him?
Heather: Dunno?
Mat: He must be running out of things to say by now!
Heather: I recon so he can't spout that much rubbish for long.
Mat: Ok then we better end here.
Heather: That's all folks!!
Mat: Go!
Heather: Really this time...
Heather: Honestly there's no more...
Mat: I don't know why you keep looking.
Heather: There's only so long we can spend saying stuff.
Mat: Turn the game of now!
Heather: Move away from the screen...
Mat: It has to end at some point...
Heather: ... Or we have to loop back to the start!
Mat: Yeah!
Heather: Is that what you want?
Mat: Ok then you asked for it!
Heather: Ladies and Gentlemen...
Mat: No not that start!
Heather: Oh the start of the end?
Mat: Yes!
Heather: Well why didn't you say?
Mat: ...

Skywire VIP - Extended

The ending is similar to the ending of Skywire VIP. Although being similar, it is considerably shorter. All of the characters are shown, and they talk. Their speech loops.

Heather: Well folks we're now at the end of our show!

Mat: And what a show it was...

Heather: Everyone turned up who was invited!

Mat: As well as a few who weren't!

Heather: Ah, you have to love those z-listers!

Mat: And with that there's only one thing left to say...

Heather: Good Night and have a safe journey home!

Mat: Hey, isn't this what we said at the end of the first game?

Heather: Yeah, looks like Mat couldn't be bothered to write anything new!

Mat: Hang on, isn't what we are saying now new?

Heather: Yeah, I guess it is!

Mat: Maybe it's the two fans Duncan and Max writing it this time...

Heather: Nah, it certainly sounds like Mat's stupid ramble again!

Mat: Last time we talked for ages before it finally looped...

Heather: Well at least there was a humorous twist!

Mat: Hooray! This will probably not just loop here then!

Skywire VIP Extended - Ending02:19

Skywire VIP Extended - Ending

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Skywire VIP Shuffle

Penguin 1

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Skywire VIP Shuffle - Ending01:57

Skywire VIP Shuffle - Ending


The Moon Apple Logo Incomplete section

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Small Fry

A similar screen seen when the player has successfully completed a level appears, reading "Game Complete!", although many players do not see this screen at the end of the game.

Snow Drift

The Yeti is seen in front of the chip shop, with the words above him reading:

Across the far reaches of the Tundra, through the Frozen Wastes, beyond Icicle Laden Abyss...</center>
You finally made it to the Chip Shop, and before closing time to!

Snowflakes are also seen falling.

Space Hopper

The Astronaut is on a planet where is home is, reunited with his Girlfriend. Also above are the words "You Made it Back Home"

Square Meal

An image saying "Congratulations! You escaped the Dungeon" appears above an image of the Troll Squares about to run out of a exit.


The engineer is seen on top of a damaged tank. A grappler is seen tossing his hat up, a saboteur destroying a block on the ground, and the VIPs are having tea. The scene then appears as a black and white photo, above the photo being the words victory! and below the photo the words being: "With the pirate commander banished, the land was once again safe to travel. Trade routes would be re-established and New Britannia would be one step closer to its recovery.". After some time the words "continue" appears below the words, this button leading to the map screen.
Steamlands - Ending00:23

Steamlands - Ending

Steamlands Player Pack

Same as the Steamlands game.


A metal panel is seen with an image of an unfinished body and the foot attaching onto it. Beneath the image is the word: "Congratulations!" and below that is: "Body parts quality assurance successful!"

Stumped ending


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Super Stock Take


Super Treadmill

One year after the month of Novtober, Billy goes to find Uncle Rico fat and extremely overweight. He says that he was in a bet that said if he couldn't get a picture of Billy thin, he had to eat 20 times his body weight. Billy then forces Uncle Rico to get on Super Treadmill and get thin again. The game ends by saying "END?".



Swindler is seen with his mask on and a big bling around him. Beside him, there are two girl slimes that are flirting with him. Around the three, there are stacks of gold coins. This suggests that he is evil.

Swindler 2

Swindler 2 ending

Tanked Up

Tanked Up ending

The Bronze tank, Grey tank, and Player tank are turning around in semi-circles on the beach, as seen in the level "In the Dock".

Temple Glider

The Egyptian Bird is on a stone statue head, on a cloud, along with some gold, doing his dance he does when he completes a level.

Test Subject Arena

Test Subject Arena has no ending.

Test Subject Arena 2

Penguin 1

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Upon completing the eighth and final unbeaten level, and the player has come to that character's level completion screen, clicking the left-most button with the ← pointing into a square, the player will be brought to a screen that states that they have completed all challenges. A present is on this image, and clicking it grans the player the avatar of the The Machine.

Test Subject Blue

After you win the last level the Professor combines the orange enzymes and Blue to create a green enzyme. Then a 'To be Continued' sign will appear.

Test Subject Complete

Test Subject Complete - Ending02:22

Test Subject Complete - Ending

Test Subject Green

Test Subject Green - Ending00:26

Test Subject Green - Ending

The Bucket

All the Raccoons are in a building labeled "Home", while the last Raccoon has a speech bubble above his head with a heart in it, as the Mystical Flying Fish is flying off towards the full moon.

The Glassworks

Kapowski jumps up onto a platform, and the boss congratulates him for his effort. The Boss offers to Kapowski to make his Gloves the standard worker Gloves and to put them into production. Kapowski denies it, and says to the boss he's going to go climb some more Glass. Kapwoski leaves, then his Boss leaves. The Birds at the bottom then say "That's all folks!".

Thin Ice

Snow starts falling on the screen and a message pops up with a picture of the Eskimo is seen sitting down on snow, barefoot, beside a rock as her ice skates are being warmed up over a fire. Above the image are the words "Game Complete".

Thin Ice Ending

Tiny Castle

After defeating the big knight the end screen appears at the end of the long chat between the Knight and Princess.
Princess: Thanks for coming all this way to rescue me!
Knight:Cut it out... You know why I'm here! I'm here to serve your eviction notice!
Princess: Eviction Notice? No, no... The cheque is in the post!
Knight: Yeah... Like I haven't heard that one before!
Princess: Come on! Give me another chance? I haven't done Anything wrong!
Knight: Haven't done Anything wrong?!
What about all the modifications to the interior?
Your not allowed to install traps!
There are not supposed to be any pets on the premises...yet I noticed several creatures on the way in!
There's flood damage...
...And fire damage!
And also subletting to your Grandad was the final straw!
Princess:But, but...
I didn't have the money...honest!
Knight:Didn't have the money?!
What about all those Chests of Gold I found along the way?
And most of the creatures seem to have money in them!
You must be seriously loaded if you're feeding your pets money!
Princess:But, but...
Knight: No more excuses...I'm taking the gold that I found to help pay my expenses!
Now get out!
The end screen then pops up, which reads: "Congratulations! You've successfully evicted a most troublesome tenant!"


A screen saying "Game completed" above an image of Toxic on a rock platform in his pose Teleportation pose (the pose he goes in while on a Red Teleporter)

Toxic II

The Red Eye of Mother cracks and falls apart. Toxic is then seen leaning against a wall. He then takes off his helmet, and says "It's going to take some time,but now the world can get back on its feet." Toxic views the rather green Sun rising, right before a Bigfoot Robot traps Toxic beneath his feet. Toxic then says "Maybe not! Back to work then!".


Penguin 1

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Turnament - Ending00:33

Turnament - Ending



Penguin 1

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Turn-undead ending

"Story has it that a stranger once passed through the land cleansing it of all evil. Though he was born from darkness, he earned his place amongst those of the light....

Only to eventually dominate them. Muhuhahaha!!!"

This ending shows a vampire hunter who is being a vampire as the evil eyes flashing.


A screen reading:
Black Ball grinned as he looked at all his winnings. Blue Ball looked tearful - why did he have to bet that Black Ball couldn't cross the magic ocean without getting wet!?

Below is an image of Blue Ball crying as Black Ball is grinning next to his 8+ bags of money.

Twin Shot

Twin Shot endingThe two Angels, Pink and Orange, are seen holding a Golden Trophy with an Angel on it.

Twin Shot 2 - Good & Evil

Twin Shot 2 includes two endings, one for the Good levels and another for the Evil levels. Each ending is unlocked once all the levels are completed in each level set and the Boss is defeated.

Good Ending

The following ending is unlocked once all 50 Good levels are completed and King Cloud is defeated.
"With the dark creatures clearly outmatched our twin heroes once again stand triumphant! As the last of the evil cowered back to their land it is time to celebrate with a banquet!" An image of the Pink and Orange Angels at a banquet on a cloud is seen.

Twin Shot 2 ending 1Twin Shot 2 ending

Evil Ending

The following ending is unlocked once all 50 'evil levels' are completed and the Flying Fire Monster is defeated.
"As the dust settled it was clear things would never be the same again. In time harmony spread across their land and statues were built in honour of the heroes." An image of a Dark Thing carving a statue of the Pink and Orange Angels out of a statue of the Flying Fire Monster is seen.

Worm Food

Worm Food9Worm Food9.1Worm Food9.2

The Giant Worm goes to destroy the city.

Yin Yang

A screen saying "Congratulations! You completed the game!" is shown as Confetti falls from the sky.

Yin Yang Ending


  • Both Small Fry and B.C. Bow Contest appear to have no ending. In Small Fry there is a loading button and if you click this button, the game does not load and gets stuck.
  • Droplets and Final Ninja Zero are the only games whose endings were altered after their release, most notably near the last sentence. For Droplets, the last sentence for the ending "The reign of terror begins" was removed some time after the release of the game, for unknown reasons. For Final Ninja Zero, the last sentence is now simply "I'm still your boss", instead of the original sentence "And Takeshi, I'm still your boss". It is unknown why the first few words were removed.
  • It may become impossible to view the ending for Feed Me!. When the last level is completed, the "Continue" button, and sometimes the "Submit Score" button are nowhere to be seen. This happens because the game is programmed so that the ending can be viewed only once. If the player resets his/her game data and wins Feed Me again, then the ending will be shown once again. It is possible that this is a Glitch, as the endings of older games, Roly Poly and Sandman, for instance, still can be viewed.

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