Emperor penguins
Emporer Penguin
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health One slide into them
Game(s) Snow Drift

Emperor penguins are basic enemies in the game Snow Drift.


Emperor penguins appear rectangular with smooth circular edges. Visible on them are some decorative antlers, a cape, crown, spectacle, and moustache.

Game information

Emperor penguins walk horizontally, walking a short distance one way then back again. They have no attack, and are probably only around to protect penguins, where they are often found around. They can be killed easily with one slide.

Other appearances

  • Snowman skin - An emperor penguin is seen standing next to some other penguins.
  • Winter skin - An emperor penguin is seen standing next to some other penguins like in the Snowman skin.


  • Humorously, emperor penguins were given a crown and cape, often seen on real life emperors.

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