This article is about cats from Parasite. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Elite winged cats
Elite winged cat
Attack Death on contact
Abilities Chasing the parasite
Health Invincible
Game(s) Parasite

Elite winged cats are enemies in the game Parasite.


Elite winged cats appear exactly the same as winged cats, except elite winged cats wear part of an acorn over their head which covers their ears; also, they show a determined expression.

Game information

Elite winged cats are based off winged cats. They are first encountered in small numbers, making their first appearance in level 14, but as the player advances through the game groups of them appear. Due to the elite winged cat's acorn helmet, (a possible invention after the discovery of the parasite), elite winged cats are prevented from being enslaved. All elite winged cats also posses more than anti-enslavement, as they also will chase the parasite.

They will at first be stationary, or for some move horizontally and vertically, but upon coming in some distance of them an elite winged cat (or many) will begin to chase the parasite. Elite winged cats can become real nuisances due to their immunity to all enemies and hazards, resulting in the parasite to have to outrun them if it does not want to be killed.

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