This article is about electricity from Dirk Valentine. For electricity from other games, please see Electricity.

Electro Tank
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Firing electrical surges
Health Two blows from a chain cannon to the hotspot head
Game(s) Dirk Valentine

Electrotanks are enemies in the game Dirk Valentine.


Electrotanks are dark yellow coloured; the bulk of the machine is metallic, while the armor on it is dark grey. Electrotanks are immobile and have four posts at their bottoms which anchor them in place. At the top is its head, which is bright green and appears to be the brain (or control) of the machine.

Game information

Electrotanks stand in one place, firing electrical surges. The surges will go down the lines on the floor. The surges are even capable of going over a chain bridge made by Dirk Valentine's chain cannon. It is plated with armor invulnerable to Dirk's chain cannon.

The only way to kill it is to shoot its glowing hotspot-like head. The head will retract when the machine is going to fire an electrical charge (probably to power up the charge). It will retract out after the charge, giving Dirk the chance to fire at its head.


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