This article is about electricity from Headcase. For electricity from other games, please see Electricity.

Electro dudes
Electro Dude
An electro dude using electricity
Attack Dangerous to touch during certain times
Abilities Can electrify air around them
Health 1 hit
Points 50
Game(s) Headcase

Electro dudes are enemies in the game Headcase.


Electro dudes sit in blue vehicles with two power converters. Orange railings are on the side of the vehicle, and the actual electro dude wears a blue suit suit which goes up to his head, and wears a blue colored helmet with two converters. When electrified, the electro dude will fire blue electricity out from the left and right power converters. The electricity will then proceed to surround the electro dude with a crackling square of electricity.

Game information

Electro dudes attack by electrocuting the area around them. This attack will hurt Norman Noggin, but not disrupt his flying. Electro dudes can be killed the same way all enemies in Headcase can be killed - by slamming into them via jumping off a platform. However, it is important to time the jump so that Norman Noggin does not die.

This often hard or impossible to do since it has to be correctly timed with the electricity surges. The electricity will cause Norman Noggin to lose one health point. Norman Noggin will be unharmed by the edges of the electricity.

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