This article is about electricity from Final Ninja. For electricity from other games, please see Electricity.

Electricity beams
Green laser
Attack Projecting a laser
Damage One
Game(s) Final Ninja

Electricity beams are hazardous laser beams in the game Final Ninja.


The appearance of the projectors of the green electricity beams is a blue, partly cylindrical object with blue rectangular objects on them. Wires can be seen on the top part of the projector, as well as the base, along with metal wires. The projector projects a laser beam that consists of green electricity.

Game information

The projected laser beam will harm Takeshi. Some projectors, but not all, will turn off the electricity, than turn it back on, switching back and forth often. Electricity beams are sometimes found blocking entrances or exits to rooms, in gaps between platforms, or placed in areas that the player may go.

When placed between an exit/entrance, these beams will always alternate between being on and off. The player may then either have to run through the exit/entrance or fall through it,. Electricity beams appear often in Final Ninja.

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