Headcase-electricity 1
Damage Death
Game(s) Headcase

Electricity is an instant death hazard in the game Headcase. It is introduced in level five.


Electricity is beamed from two nodes which face on either side of each other. The nodes are blue and are formed by three visible lines. Flashing a lighter blue colour, electricity makes squiggly lines seen between the two nodes. The appearance of electricity in Headcase is similar to that of electricity from Roly Poly.

Game information

Headcase-deathbyelectricity 1

Norman caught in an electric beam.

Every few seconds, electricity is beamed from two nodes opposite each other. It flashes while activated to show movement before the nodes turn off and the hazard is not in action.

As obstacles, electricity often obstructs a necessary path to be taken by Norman Noggin. The player has to wait for the nodes to deactivate before they can pass between them. If Norman is caught between two nodes while electricity is active, he will be electrocuted and fall off the screen. This abruptly ends the level and forces the player to restart. The nodes themselves, however, can be walked on so long as no electricity is beaming from them.

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