This article is about electricity from Final Ninja series. For electricity from other games, please see Electricity.

Electricity in its shock wall form
Attack Dangerous to touch
Damage One life
Game(s) Final Ninja series

Electricity is a hazard in the Final Ninja series series.


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Electricity appears as light green erratically moving lines. In bullet form, it appears as three linked green spheres.

Game information

Electricity is used for a variety of things in the Final Ninja series. In both Final Ninja games, whenever Takeshi is harmed, green electricity will run all over his suit, and he appears as if he is being electrocuted.

Final Ninja

Green electricity is used on shock walls, and appears as globules of energy fired from guns used by basic cyber guards and blue wall mounted guns. Electricity beams project electricity between two projectors, sometimes infinitely.

Final Ninja Zero

Electricity is again used by shock walls, and also by Maxwell Merlock's machine. Merlock's machine has three green orbs that rotate around him, each orb every few seconds firing off other lines of orbs.Electricity is not used by enemies, other than Merlock's machine, for attack.


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