This article is about electricity from Mega Mash. For electricity from other games, please see Electricity.

Electric stars
Invisible Pong enemy
Attack Dangerous on contact
Health One hit (from the laser in Smash in super form)
Points 1000 points
Game(s) Smash (Mega Mash)

Electric stars are enemies that appear in the Smash sections of Mega Mash. They are part of the uncertain enemies group.


Electric stars appear having a mouth, eyes, a pair of pink cheeks, and white points around their face. Like all other items in Mega Mash, they are drawn with large pixels to appear retro.

Game information

Electric stars are notable for being the only enemy to appear in Smash. Electric stars can be defeated, but only by them being hit by a single shot when Smash's laser is in super mode. If the Faceball comes in contact with an electric star, one heart will be lost.

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