This article is about electricity from Bullethead. For electricity from other games, please see Electricity.

Electric portals
Electric Portal
Attack Spawning black flying bugs
Damage 1 health point
Health 20 blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Electric portals are hazards in the game Bullethead.


Electric portals are orange and will swirl around and grow in size. They consist of four orange curved lines that spiral out from a central glowing point. The spirals are surrounded by a light orange circle that represents the area of the portal.

Game information

An electric portal will suddenly appear on the screen without warning. It will start small, but gets bigger and bigger. When it gets to its maximum size (as shown in the image), it will spawn five black flying bugs and blink white.

If the electric portal isn't destroyed soon after it is spawned, it will spawn another five black flying bugs. It can take some time to destroy the portal. They usually drop a power up when destroyed.

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