This article is about electric blocks from Oodlegobs. For electric blocks from other games, please see Electric blocks.

Electric blocks
Electric cube
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Oodlegobs

Electric blocks are hazards in Oodlegobs.


Electric blocks appear as square blocks of metal. They have a glowing orange center and a light blue outer rim. Blue electricity is perpetually generated in the orange center and released as small bolts of electricity.

Game information

Electric blocks are dangerous on contact, and will kill any Oodlegob that comes in contact with it. They are indestructible, and usually move around in set patterns. These include horizontally, vertically, as well as other more complex patterns. However, electric blocks are confined to this pattern and cannot move outside of the tracks they are placed on. They are especially dangerous around mass groups of Oodlegobs, as an electric block will simply move right through the group, killing every Oodlegob.

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