This article is about electric blocks from Fat Cat. For electric blocks from other games, please see Electric blocks.

Electric blocks
Energy Blocks
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage The fat cat loses one heart of life on contact
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Fat Cat

Electric blocks are hazards in the game Fat Cat. They serve a similar role to spikes seen in other Nitrome games.


Electric blocks appear as orange, glowing blocks with yellow lines traveling around them. They are orange on their outer rim but are more yellow at the center.

Game information

A warning to their danger appears when they are first introduced in level six, because the player must be careful not to let the cat touch the blocks, or it will lose a life. Even though the cat can't touch them, the owl cannot be harmed by them, as his invincible to every danger. Enemies often appear along the path between the electric blocks, making it more challenging for the player to protect the cat.

The blocks make their last appearance in level nineteen, where the player must guide the cat through a thin path with electric blocks on either sides. This level is mostly based upon mouse avoidance games.

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