This article is about electric blocks from Canary. For electric blocks from other games, please see Electric blocks.

Electric blocks
Electrical Blocks
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage 1 heart
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Canary

Electric blocks are hazards in the game Canary.


Electric blocks are brown/grey metal blocks with a beige grate-like design over the front. They also have a beige outer square surrounding them. Yellow electricity will flash and frequently go over the blocks.

Game information

Electric blocks have several different appearances, all of which do the same thing. One of the most well known blocks is a block with a yellow warning triangle on it, this block better represents the electric blocks.

Electric blocks were first regular metal blocks which usually made up metal objects in Canary Mining Colony CM08. Something did not go right in them (or another part of the colony), and electricity began to be sent through them. This is not a flaw by the The Canaries, but was probable caused by the attacking aliens who caused damage to the colony.


  • Strangely, there are no electric blocks at the ports of the Canary Mining Colony.
This is shown at the end of the game when Canary 214-LE is seen escaping the colony, and two metal block structures are seen.

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