This article is about birds from Temple Glider. For birds from other games, please see Birds.

Egyptian bird
Egyptian Bird
Gender Unknown
Species Bird (possibly an eagle)
Faction Good
Health One hit
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Temple Glider

The Egyptian bird is the main character in the game Temple Glider.


The Egyptian bird is a purple bird with yellow beak and a Egyptian yellow eye. It wears a head dress of light purple and a darker shade of stripes across it. There is two flaps on the side of the head dress that is dark purple and white; on top of the head dress is a smooth tooth-like object.

Bird Soul

The bird's soul

Game information


The Egyptian bird was somehow trapped in a tomb, and was trying to escape it without getting killed by any of the hazards. In order to navigate through the temple, the bird had to fly from the golden sarcophagus at the beginning of every level to the golden sarcophagus at the end.

The bird later escaped the tomb, along with some gold objects.
Temple Glider

The bird after escaping the temple

In game

The player controls the bird in the game using the arrows keys. The player must try to keep the bird away from dangerous hazards that could kill the bird on contact, such as spikes. Whenever the bird dies, it is regenerated at the last sarcophagus it has flown past.

Other appearances


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