Egg (Chick Flick)
Ability Cracking and producing a chick
Points N/A
Game(s) Chick Flick
Hot Air 2 (cameo)

Eggs are interactive objects in the game Chick Flick.


Eggs are white and oval shaped, with turquoise dots all over them.

Game information

Eggs will drop from the ceiling of the level, with no cracks on them. Every time a egg touches the trampoline, a small zigzag line or "crack" will appear in the middle of the egg.

The cracks will start at the top of the egg, and will protrude out diagonally, zig-zagging their way to the bottom of the egg. After the egg has been bounced ten times, the cracks reach the bottom, and the egg will crack completely in half.

Both halves will fall to the sides and fade away. Once the egg breaks in half, a medium chick or a small chick will come out of it. If the egg is going upward, the chick will appear immediately in it's place, and continue the path as normal. If the egg touches the ground, it will not add a crack, and will make a chick peeping sound. The egg will flash on the ground for a few seconds, then disappear. An egg can not go into the nest. If it falls onto it, it will go right through the nest. After the egg has been cracked, and turned into a chick, the chick can go into the nest, but no bonus points will be awarded. The egg can come in contact with other objects, such as thumper bumpers and moving stones, but more cracks will not appear when they touch them.

Other appearances

  • Hot Air 2 - On level twenty-five, a balloon with an egg design can be unlocked.

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