Egg arrows
Egg arrow
Price MochiCoins: 400 coins
Post MochiCoins: Free
Abilities Creates a barrier
Game B.C. Bow Contest

Egg arrows are a type of arrow in B.C. Bow Contest.


The arrow is a large beige egg with blue spots. If a player clicks before the egg arrow hits something, the egg hatches a bit and a dinosaur's wings come out of it.

Game information

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This egg works as barrier and it is bigger than shield arrows.

Nitrome - B.C00:06

Nitrome - B.C. Bow Contest - Egg Arrow

Presentation of egg arrow


The egg-in-the-way technique

The player needs egg arrows. They have to score at least ten points with two shots. On the third shot, the player should use an egg arrow and click the mouse as soon as they fire the arrow. The egg should block all ways of arrows getting out unless the player uses spirit arrows.

There is a slim chance the the opponent (or the player) can shoot straight up or right below the egg. See the "dragonfly directional technique" for more information.


Click to activate this arrow and grow it into a giant egg barrier to block your opponent's arrows!

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