The latest known appearance of Earth in a Nitrome game, being in Cheese Dreams: New Moon.
Location Universe
Inhabitants Varies
Status Still standing

Earth is a recurring planet in Nitrome games. Many Nitrome games take place on different parts of Earth and at different times. Although Earth is rarely ever identified as the place a game takes place on, certain parts of a game - such as characters and architecture - point to a game taking place on Earth.

Despite many Nitrome games taking place on Earth, no Nitrome games of different series are ever connected to each other even though they take place on Earth, and Earth seems to just be a planet the game takes place on, as many Nitrome games tend to include fictional creatures, contraptions, and other material that would not be found on real-world Earth.

Game information

A game is known to take place on Earth if it contains an explicit amount of content that is found in the real-world Earth. This type of content could be an amount of Earth architecture, Earth Flora, or Earth fauna. Alternatively, some games may not take place on Earth, but may mention or contain a short glimpse of Earth.


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Games in this category have been identified as taking place on Earth.

Feed Me series

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The Feed Me series is obviously evident to take place on Earth due to the very large amount of insects and fauna (Thorns).


Penguin 1

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In the ending of Parasite, the Gasguzzler 9000 locates a planet for the parasite to 'have one last snack'.

Cheese Dreams

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The giant tree planet in Cheese Dreams

Earth[1] appears in the intro and opening of Cheese Dreams, this planet not completely glimpsed, but from what has been seen, appearing as a purple hill with some small patches of grass sticking up in certain part. This hill contains giant trees, these trees appearing similar to Christmas trees.


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Games in this category are disputed as whether they do take place on Earth or not.

Small Fry

Alrhough the creatures in the game don't look capable to exist, the Cheese Dreams Moon makes a cameo apearance in the game, highly implying the game takes place in Earth.


  1. Nitrome Blog: - Friday Update! → Comment by Nitrome:
    It's just a cameo that the moon in [is] in the air. In Cheese Dreams the planet is supposed to be Earth. The [sic] again I'm not sure it is not supposed to be Earth in Small Fry. You can draw some world link here if you want but the truth is we just like Cameos.


    The comment

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