This article is about dynamite from Mutiny. For dynamite from Cave Chaos series, please see Dynamite (Cave Chaos).

Mutiny TNT animated
Ammunition Varies
Ability Can be thrown
Action Explodes
Damage High
Game(s) Mutiny

Dynamite is a strong weapon introduced in level one of the game Mutiny.


Dynamite appears as a red stick with a long white wick that is burning with an orange flame on the end.

Game information

Dynamite is similar to the cherry bomb, including the controls on how to throw the weapon. When this weapon is thrown, it will only explode when it has come to a rest somewhere (when it stops moving), causing a very big explosion. The blast is the largest of any weapon in the game. It is essentially a stronger, lighter, and more stable version of the cherry bomb.


This weapon explodes when it comes to a rest. Click the dynamite and and drag with your mouse to aim and set the power.


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