This article is about dynamite from Cave Chaos. For dynamite from other games, please see dynamite (Mutiny).

Burning Dynamite
In Cave Chaos 2
Ability Causes explosions
Game(s) Cave Chaos 1 and 2

Dynamite is an interactive object in the games Cave Chaos 1 and 2.


Dynamite appears as three red cylinders strapped together by a yellow band, with a fuse attached to one end dynamite.

Cave Chaos 1
Cave Chaos 2
(In the hands of Dyna-Mo)
Burning Dynamite

Game information

Cave Chaos

Dynamite appears only when Dyna-Mo appears, as dynamite is used only by Dyna-Mo. Dyna-Mo will drop dynamite down, and soon after drop another. When dynamite meets a solid platform, within two to three seconds, it will explode.

This explosion will engulf and cause the disappearance of blocks that are touched in the blast. As blocks are caused to disappear, the player should try to get far away from dynamite. Dynamite cannot harm the player, although destroying blocks is an action that could kill the player.

Cave Chaos 2

Dynamite is changed greatly, and also is not dependent on Dyna-Mo's appearance for the appearance of dynamite, as Dyna-Mo is absent completely from Cave Chaos 2. Dynamite receives an updated appearance, and also a change in behaviour. Dynamite commonly appears in Cave Chaos 2, found on top or near boxes. When dynamite is encountered, it is often found near other dynamite.

Dynamite will take five to seven seconds before exploding, instead of two to three seconds, as it was in Cave Chaos 1. When dynamite is dropped, the fuse on one of its end will slowly be burned away, until the fire enters the dynamite. This is followed by a few seconds of yellow flashing, before the dynamite explodes. The explosion from dynamite no longer consumes and causes the disappearance of entire platforms, it just creates a small explosion that can throw blocks around.

As dynamite is placed near other dynamite, and they all explode at the same time, the player should try to stay away from it if it presents a risk of tossing the player to their death. Dynamite explosions are always optional to use to throw the player, they are only helpful for rocketing the player in a direction to get gems, if they can't already reach the gems.

Dynamite may sometimes cause blocks to become loose and dislodge, although this is very rare.

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