Dyna-mo dropping dynamite
Attack Throws dynamite from the ceiling
Abilities Throws dynamite
Health One blow
Game(s) Cave Chaos

Dyna-Mo is an enemy from the game Cave Chaos.


Dyna-Mo has pale pink skin due to staying away from the sun too long, like the other enemies. He has a pale pink body and small arms and a head with two pink beady eyes. He has ears like a rabbit that are shaped a bit like triangles with pink insides. He carries a brown bag with a strap slung across himself that carries his dynamite. His dynamite is deep red with grey metal straps wrapped around it.

Game information

Dyna-Mo hangs from the ceiling and drops dynamite on the level. The dynamite he drops will explode after a few seconds, eliminating every block in its blast. He always resides at the top of the ceiling, where he will drop his dynamite. Only if the player has bomb, or can jump high enough and by some means get up there, and have invincibility, he can be destroyed. If his dynamite explodes, it can bury the miners in rubble.


  • Dyna-Mo's name is a pun on "dynamo", another name for an electrical current.

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