Dum Dum
Dum Dum
Type Bomb Cannon
Grid spaces 1
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 150 165
Damage 20 26
Reload Medium Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Dum Dum is the first bomb cannon in the game Steamlands.


The Dum Dum gun has a similar appearance to the Determinator gun. The Dum Dum has a square base which is taken up mostly by the red circular light, which red wires are attached to on the base. The cannon for the Dum Dum is attached to the front of the block, and appears smaller and thinner than other cannons that take up one block. The cannon also has red wires on it. Red wires can be seen on the Dum Dum, making the gun look more red colored than other guns. The cannon also has red rings around it.

Game information

The Dum Dum fires a small bomb that explodes on contact with a gun or block. The Dum Dum deals higher damage than that of Determinators and Flex guns, due to the Dum Dum firing a spherical bomb that explodes on contact with blocks.

The Dum Dum bombs can easily destroy small guns in less than five shots; Determinators for instance. Because the bomb explodes it can damage nearby blocks and guns in its blast. The gun Big Ben fires projectiles similar to the ones fired by the Dum Dum gun, and Big Ben has a similar appearance. The Dum Dum starts off at 150 health points and can be upgraded to 165. The Dum Dum deals 20 damage per bomb, and the damage it inflicts can be increased by purchasing the Dum Dum Damage 1.

Dum Dum Shop Items

Below are the Shop Items for the Dum Dum that can be purchased and take effect in Steamlands.

Dum Dum Damage 1 Dum Dum Health 1 Dum Dum Reload 1
Image: DD1 DD2 DD3
Price: £6000 £6000 £6000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 165 Dum Dum fires faster
Description: There's a local mining operation flourishing nearby that's willing to sell you some explosives. This could go toward upgrading your Dum Dum's ammo. You think that one shot fired at it the Dum Dum would be toast eh? All that explosive ammunition going against you. Luckily its well armoured, but there's room for more - why not buy some for it? The Dum Dum reloads slowly because the inventor knew it was handling very hot potatoes. But there's not a reloading mechanism you've seen that can't be made faster. Buy the parts here and you could be firing fireworks faster.
Level: ? Special Delivery ?


  • The gun is probably named after "dumdum" or expanding hollow bullets.
  • There is a type of sucker called 'Dum Dums.'

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