This article is about ducks from Flightless. For ducks from other games, please see Ducks.

Flightless ducks
Gender Unknown
Species Ducks
Faction Criminal
Health One hit
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Flightless

The ducks are the main characters of the game Flightless, and the ones controlled by the player.


Blue duck

Blue Duck 1

The blue duck stand-

The blue duck has a yellow body and a brown beak, and wears blue gloves and hat.

Green duck

The green duck boasts a more orange colored body, and a blueish-green beak. It green gloves and hat.

General appearance

Both duck have glowing red eyes, and carry sacks over their backs, presumably to carry the gems they collect. the main difference between the two ducks is their headgear: the blue duck's pointed, blue hat faces backwards, while the green duck's hat bends forwards. Strangely, the green duck's hat resembles Dirk Valentine's hat.

Game information


The ducks are known to have a criminal past, though any details further than that is unknown. All that is known is that at some point during this criminal career, the ducks got caught (or perhaps turned themselves in), and had their wings clipped as punishment for their thefts. They were then sent into a dungeon to pay off their crimes by collecting the gems within. The only tool given to them was a set of magic ladders (one ladder for each duck).

In game

the ducks can move left and right, and climb up and down ladders, but due to their wings getting clipped, they can neither jump or fly. Their most potent action is the ability to deploy ladders, which can squash enemies, turn when they encounter turning arrows, and allow the ducks to climb them.

Both ducks - green or blue - can only sustain touching one hazard or enemy before dying, and re-spawning at the entrance to a room. Whenever a duck collects a gem, they are not added to their gem count until the player exits the room with the collected gem.

Although being unable to jump, when landing on an enemy, they will kill them but be given a slight boss upwards upon stomping them. This is used in some rooms to traverse them, and be be helpful when trying to crush moving beetles.

Nitrome has planned for water to be in the game[1]. In rooms containing water, the player will not lose health.[1]


Other appearances


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    Nitrome [author] February 22nd, 2013, @ 9:06 PM

    @Cokerow the game is made using Flash, we will be able to release it for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    @MrMollusk if I can't buy food or pay the rent, then how will I make more games when I am hungry and homeless? :(

    The price the game is sold for really depends on how much money is spent making it, it's still not finished - haven't even started the water levels yet (that's water done properly like we did ladders properly - not moving around like a snail hunting for air bubbles).


    Image of the comment

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