This article is about ducks from Bad Ice-Cream. For ducks from other games, please see Ducks.

Attack Death on contact
Abilities Can fly over blocks and follow the player.
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream

Ducks are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream. Ducks first appear in a late level in the game.


Ducks seem to have the appearance of a hybrid between a duck and a candle. They have long, white, cylindrical bodies, carried on small, orange, webbed feet. Around their waist they have a red-and-white striped flotation device. Their mouth is an orange beak with, above this being two lines for eyes and a thick brown unibrow above these eyes. On their head is what appears to be a feather that resembles candle wick.

Game information

Duck stuck offscreen

A duck stuck offscreen

Ducks have the ability to fly over any one block at a time. Like most enemies in Bad Ice-Cream, they try to head toward the player in order to kill them. If the player is inaccessible, however (such as being blocked on all sides by two blocks), they will waddle/fly around aimlessly.

During this time, however, they sometimes will fly over the boundary blocks and off the game screen. When there, it is possible for them to glitch and become stuck outside. This is often beneficial for the player, as they are able to play the rest of the level with fewer or no enemies.


To avoid being killed during levels with ducks, players should create barriers of blocks at least two-blocks thick around themselves. Once the duck has wandered out a safe distance, the player can quickly break a row of ice, grab some fruits, and then return to their safe barrier before the duck(s) are able to reach them. If it is not possible to use the barrier method, however, the player should always try to lead the ducks to large open areas, as the duck's walking speed is quite slow, allowing the player to dodge around them.


  • The duck is actually more efficient than the green, yellow, and blue squid, since the duck can get to the other side of a block faster then a squid, and it can cross blocks that are not ice blocks as well, while squids cannot.
  • The duck is very similar to the fish men from Square Meal, since both creatures can fly over blocks and follow the main characters.
  • If an ice cream is on the space that a duck is about to land on, they will die before the duck lands.

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