Dropped orange enzymes are a type of enemy orange enzyme found exclusively on level six of Test Subject Complete.


Dropped orange enzymes appear as small, spherical orange enzymes that constantly drip orange enzyme goo. They are always held and dropped by the watching mercenary in level six.

Game information

A watching mercenary will reach its hand into the test chamber and drop a dropped orange enzyme into the level, where it is dropped determined by where the player was a few moments ago; the dropped orange enzyme being dropped in this position as if the player was completely still a moment ago and can be killed by having an enemy dropped on them.

Once the orange enzyme is dropped, it will explode upon hitting a platform, and let loose a small orange worm on each side of the explosion. This worm will walk straightforward, and upon meeting a ledge, will walk right off and fall straight down. Upon meeting the floor, it will continue to move in the direction it previously moved.

It will explode upon meeting a wall. The worms dropped by dropped orange enzymes, these worms being killed if shot with a proton bullet, but only if this bullet is fired while Blue in the Rex209 is crouching. The dropped orange enzyme and the worms that are spawned by it, both will kill Blue on contact.


  • Dropped orange enzymes in their worm state appear very similar to the enzymes leaked by enzyme tubes.