This article is about mines from Final Ninja Zero. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Drone mine
Drone mine moving vertical
Attack Explodes on contact
Health 1 hit
Points 30
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Drone mines are a variation of mines seen in the game Final Ninja Zero.


Drone mines consist of a brownish sphere with a peg on above and below it, on the left and right, and as well as on the sphere. The pegs on the sphere have bright orange lights on them.

Game information

Drone mines appear in groups and explode if Takeshi touches one, hurting him in the process. They can also be taken out with a single ninja star. Inactive drone mines also appear in the level where Dr. Boshi is chased after for the first time. They are a lighter shade of brown, remain stationary and show all pegs on the mine. All mines can potentially pursue Takeshi if a tripwire laser is activated.

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