This article is about drills from Super Stock Take. For drills from other games, please see Drills.

Drill (Super Stock Take)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Super Stock Take

Drills are hazards in the game Super Stock Take.


Drills are grey and triangular. They have lines going around the drill bit. Drills are attached to light grey structures that have a red glowing light on them. The grey structure might contain the motor that spins the drill, and the light might signify that the drill is in operation. Drills continually spin, even when placed inside a block.

Game information

Drills are found at the bottom of boxes, and sometimes on the floor. If the chimp touches them, it will instantly die. Many times drills have to be blocked over with blocks, and rarely even jumped over. Drills can break and destroy some types of blocks. The only types of blocks they can destroy are fragile ones, with purple goo on them. The player must be careful when moving the chimp near drills, as to not accidentally make the chimp move into one and die. This can be difficult, especially when drills are on movable blocks.

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