Drill shack
Chisel2 drill shack
The drill shack as it usually looked before Chiseler destroyed it
Ruler Foreman Buzz
Location Foreman Buzz's home planet
Status Partially fixed
Game Chisel 2

The drill shack is a location that makes an appearance on Foreman Buzz's home planet. It is possible that the "shack" is his house, judging from its house-like appearance.


The house has grey walls with two windows on the front, as well as a purple door between the windows and a drill-shaped roof separated from the house by a rectangular white block.

Game information

The house stands next to a gear, which seem to populate Buzz's home planet in the shape of his head. In the first level of Chisel 2, his "shack" appears on the left side of his head-shaped planet. It can be knocked off into space if the chiseler hits it from underneath the ground, but the shack cannot be cut in half. No points are received for knocking it off the planet.

In the ending for Chisel 2, Buzz captures the Chiseler and turns him over to the police, with Chiseler's fine being to fix all the planets he destroyed. Chiseler, along with kind of completing all the planets, fixed Buzz's shack, except it was cut in half and half a turnip had to substitute for half the roof.

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