This article is about drills from Toxic. For drills from other games, please see Drills.

Drill bombs
Drill Bomb 1
Ammunition Five bombs
Ability Drilling through platforms
Action Drills down
Damage Death (enemies);
One health point (Hazmat Hero)
Game(s) Toxic

Drill bombs are a type of bomb appearing only in Toxic I. They were superseded by digger bombs in Toxic II, which were more practical than drill bombs.


Drill bombs have a metal top that bulges up. On its sides are small and big circles stacked on top of each other, between them being a square with the two bottom corners being red. This square will either have the first letter of the bomb's name, or the timer. Below this is a metal triangle pointing down. At the bottom of the triangle is a tinge of green; it can be seen up close.

Game information

Drill bombs when planted cause four red, usual sized explosions going downwards. It is helpful for making a path down a vertical line of rock, but only that. Not many enemies are located below from the Hazmat Hero, and the drill bomb only cuts down on the amount of time the player takes to go down the chasm, as they can also lay basic bombs or any type of bomb to shoot downwards.

Drill bombs did not reappear in Toxic II as the newly introduced digger bombs should not only drill down vertically, but drill horizontally left and right along with upwards, things the drill bomb was unable to do.

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