This article is about drills from The Bucket. For drills from other games, please see Drills.

Drill beard
Drill Beard
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Dropping down on the mystical flying fish and raccoon
Health Explodes on impact
Game(s) The Bucket

Drill beards are enemies in the game The Bucket.


They appear to be a drill with a mustache, despite having beard in their name; however, the drill resembles a beard. Their body looks like a bomb and a drill combined. Their faces are located on the bomb portion of their body. They have blue eyes, a red nose, and pale skin. Their whole body (except for their face) is blue. They have a red and orange flame burning over their heads.

Game information

Drill Beard

A drill beard moving

They are introduced on level nine, right after the level the skull crabs are in. They are the second enemy to be introduced, and seem to be equal in explosion to the blamos encountered during the next level.

They will wait in one place, just revolving. When the mystical flying fish or raccoon goes under it, they will drill down. Drill beards will only drill down, they will not tilt to the side or stop drilling. Drill beards, along with every hazard and enemy in The Bucket will deplete one star from the raccoon's health if it actually hits the raccoon.

Drill beards will explode when they hit anything, even platforms, but not water. Touching the drill beard when it has not drilled down (such as from above) will not do anything. Drill beards can be flown over, and will not drill up when the mystical flying fish or raccoon is above them.

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