This article is about drills from Hot Air 2. For drills from other games, please see Drills.

Drill Bill is an enemy in Hot Air 2: All Blown Up. Drill Bill is a giant enemy, and one of the biggest in the game.


Drill Bill consists of three drills attached to each other via green walls, with a big middle drill and two small drills. The middle drill is the biggest, having the expression of a usual green drill. His head appears as a usual drill, but with the pieces of the drill increased in size, as well as lacking the loophole atop his head, and the parachute.

There are two walls leading from the back of his head, that at the ends have two drills attached to them. Each drill attached to the end of the walls appear larger and almost exactly like a green drill, except lacking the eyes and eyebrows. Drill Bill is as long as the screen the game is played in.

Game information

Hot Air 2

Drill Bill appears in Hot Air 2 on level 8: Drill Bill. At the start of the level, the ends of Bill's drills can be seen. When the balloon goes under the first line of crumbling blocks, the drills will come down, and reveal Drill Bill. Drill Bill slowly sinks downward through the area, forcing Hot Air to make it to the bottom of the level quickly. Like other enemies in Hot Air 2, he is indestructible and will pop Hot Air on contact.

Hot Air has to also traverse a maze of crumbling blocks, which Drill Bill causes to crumble with his drills. Drill Bill's drills sometimes do not hurt the player at the start of the level, if the player goes up to them before the drills come down.


  • If the player is incredibly quick, it is possible to return to the start pad after triggering Drill Bill, causing it to fall below them. This results in an incredibly easy level. [1]
  • Drill Bill has an oversized hitbox, which can be seen by trying the previously mentioned trick.


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