This article is about drills from Rubble Trouble. For drills from other games, please see Drills.

Rubble Trouble Drill

A drill

Drills are a type of tool in the game Rubble Trouble.


Drills appear moving even before being used. The actual drill will point in the direction it will go in before the player activates it. It also has arrows around it indicating the directions it can go in.

Game information

Drill button

The tool button for the drill

When a drill is let go, it will drill through all the blocks in front of it until it hits steel or goes off the screen. The drill can be let go facing either down, left or right. In Rubble Trouble Tokyo, the player can send drills upward, something that can't be done in the first game.


The drill will target the nearest block that is to the side or below the mouse pointer. Click the mouse to unleash the drill.

It explodes when it can't drill through, so watch out!

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