Longboat evolution 3
Ability Holds the Viking members
Game(s) Ice Breaker series

The drakkar, also referred to as longboat[1], is an interactive object that appears in the Ice Breaker series.


The drakkar appears as horizontal boat close to the water, with on the front the head of a serpent, and on the back the tail of a serpent. On the boat stands the ice breaker of the tribe, the outside part of the boat having four shields. Two small shields are located close to the middle of the boat, and two large shields found on the very edges of the boat.

All shields are attached to the boat via nails; the left small shield has some pink going down the diameter of the shield, while a third of the outer shields are missing, with a triangular gap on each outer one. The only difference each drakkar has is that there is a different ice breaker on ones belonging to a different clan.

In the Flash series
First evolution
Second evolution
In Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage
(final evolution)
Longboat Icebreaker
Longboat evolution 1
Longboat evolution 2
Longboat evolution 3

Game information

Viking Boat

The animated drakkar on the Icebreaker iOS website

The drakkar acts as a goal point for the vikings and also as a safe haven for them. A viking ice breakers is present on the drakkar with a hammer and will destroy all ice that lands on it providing that it is small enough. If a viking is in the ice, it will be freed from it and begin standing on the drakkar. The Icebreaker will kill all other living objects that land on the boat. The boat cannot be sunk or destroyed in any way, as nothing in the game is capable of doing this.

In Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, in Under Dwell level 10 "Power Up", a stone block with a drakkar design appears as an interactive object that the player has to roll rocks shaped like vikings onto, mimicking the player's main objective of having to maneuver vikings onto the real drakkar.

Other appearances

  • Icebreaker skin - A drakkar appears carrying three Vikings.
  • Kraken skin - A drakkar appears being grabbed by the three large tentacles of the Kraken.



  1. Nitrome website: Icebreaker game description: Slice ice to get our Nordic clan back to the safety of their longboat., retrieved 20 Aug 16.

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