Type Gun
Grid spaces One
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 150 N/A
Damage Five (per bullet) N/A
Reload Medium Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

The dragoon is a bullet firing gun in Steamlands. The dragoon was not featured in the main mode of Steamlands, but was one of three guns added to the block palette in dev mode in the second update.


The dragoon has a base taken up mostly by the red light. On the sides of the base are gold flaps, and on top of the base is the shiny cannon of the gun. Dragoons look almost exactly like the determinators, except that dragoon has gold flaps instead of curves, and has a shiny cannon instead of a usual one.

Game information

The dragoon can rotate its cannon unlike the determinator. The dragoon fires a cluster of 4-5 bullets instead of one bullet fired by usual guns. The bullets fired will not move in the same place the previous 4-5 bullets did, rather the bullets will move in a random place.

Dragoons, when attached to a tank, will power up quickly, and although they fire a cluster of bullets that can damage nearby block on the enemy's tank, it takes longer to reload than the determinator. The dragoon has a maximum health of 150, and cannot be upgraded further because upgrades do not exist for it.

Dragoon shop items

No shop items exist for the dragoon as it was not meant to be upgraded.


  • The dragoon is one of the few guns to fire multiple bullets at once, with each of those bullets dealing five damage. The other guns are the north star and catherine. The woodpecker is not counted as the woodpecker's bullets deal six damage each.
  • There is a real-life revolver called the Colt Dragoon. The word dragoon itself also can refer to a light cavalry regiment, especially those of the 18th century.

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