This article is about dragons from Yin Yang. For dragons from other games, please see Dragons.

Yin Yang dragons
The Yin Yang dragons in Nitrome Must Die
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Follows the player's movements
Health Indestructible (Yin Yang);
Killed by two impacts with spikes (NMD)
Points 10 coins (NMD)
Game(s) Nitrome Must Die, Yin Yang

Dragons are enemies in Yin Yang, as well as in Nitrome Must Die. One is a white dragon, while the other is a black dragon, but in opposite colours. These dragons are very slow in Nitrome Must Die.


These reptiles don't have wings neither a breath of fire, although they are dragons. These dragons are very similar to stegosauruses, since both have their back covered with spikes, which is used for self-defence. Other similarities can by established with the slender-snouted crocodile, which has the same type of snout. Also, they have small stocky legs and small bunchy eyes.

Game information

Yin Yang

The dragons first appeared in Yin Yang as an enemy. They will follow the movements of the character (Yin or Yang) of their same colour. Therefore, the white dragon will follow Yang, and the black one will follow Yin. When a character is inactive, the corresponding dragon will appear to sleep. Dragons are indestructible, and they will kill the player on contact.

Nitrome Must Die

The Yin Yang dragons will follow all the players movement's if they are able to, but in a slower rhythm. Because they don't have the ability to jump, they can't copy this movement. A way to slow the dragon's movement is to put the monster close to a wall, where they won't be able to pass through or jump when walking. The black dragon will follow the movements, but in the opposite direction. It means that if the player goes right, the black dragon shall go left.

The white dragon does the opposite: he follows exactly the movements of the player, going always to the same direction. They appear only in challenge level 43, and have to be sprung to the top of the level into spikes located on the ceiling.

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