This article is about dragonflies from B.C. Bow Contest. For dragonflies from other games, please see Dragonflies.

Dragonfly arrows
Dragonfly 1
Price MochiCoins: 400 coins
Post MochiCoins: Free
Abilities Can be controlled
Game B.C. Bow Contest

Dragonfly arrows are a type of arrow in B.C. Bow Contest.


Dragonfly arrows appear as normal arrows which are controlled by a teal dragonfly. The dragonfly has pink eyes, white wings, two brown antennae, and gold-coloured legs.

Game information

The player can control the dragonfly by holding the left mouse button. This will make the dragonfly's wings flap and it will adjust the flight path of the arrow. When the player lets go of the left mouse button, the dragonfly's wings will stop flapping. If the dragonfly's wings are flapping, then the arrow will be lifted upwards. If not, then the arrow will continue on its regular projectile path. if the arrow hits anything (a dinosaur, rock, target, etc.), the dragonfly will fly off the arrow, fly forwards, then backwards, then forwards again until it has flown off the screen.

Nitrome - B.C00:12

Nitrome - B.C. Bow Contest - Dragonfly Arrow

Presentation of dragonfly arrow


Dragonfly directional technique

The player can use the "egg-in-the-way technique" to help them score more points than the opponent. First, the player must obtain dragonfly arrows by completing a cup. Then, if the player can shoot just below the egg or straight up, they can control the dragonfly to go towards the target. This technique also works with director arrows.


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