This article is about Dragons from Sky Serpents. For Dragons from other games, please see Dragons (Disambiguation).

Dragon Serpent
Dragon Serpent
Level 13
Attack(s) Dangerous Gas
Abilities None
Weak spots 7
Spot health
All: 4-6 Blows

The Dragon Serpent is the thirteenth Sky Serpent encountered in the game Sky Serpents.


The Dragon Serpent is dark purple. Its eyeslots are yellow, and gradually get dimmer around the edges. At the top of its head are horns, and similarly near its nostrils are tusks. The rest of its body is composed of scales, arranged overlapping the previous one, like mail. The head oddly resembles that of a hippo's.

Purple dragon

The entire dragon serpent

Game Information

The Dragon Serpent serves as the last easy task for the player in Sky Serpents, as the upcoming Sky Serpent is the hardest in the game. The Dragon Serpent doesn't have spikes, it emits poisonous gas around each weak point. This gas will stun the player a tad bit longer than usual hazards.

The Dragon Serpent will move in ways to try to engulf the player in this hazard. The Dragon Serpent has seven weak points that all require around 7 blows to kill. The Dragon Serpent will make many curves while moving. The player should try to spin jump a weak point if the weak point is going up a a curve, this best done when one hole of gas is up while the other hole of gas is sideways.

Once this is done, the player should jump up to the next curve point (if there is any) then perform the spin slice combo again. This combo should be done if the player wants to conserve health, or is on low health.

This serpent is a medium difficulty task.


Around each weak spot, dangerous purple gasses will be coming out of holes on each side of the weak spot. If the Young Norse Warrior is hit by the gas, he will be stunned for a longer time then most traps. The dangerous gas is only around the current weak spot, it switches to the next weak spot once the current weak spot is killed.


The Dragon Serpent's only special ability is its gas attack.

Weak Points

The Dragon Serpent has 7 Weak Spots, each which take 4 blows to kill. A weak spot has to be killed for another one to be opened. Gas will be emitted on the left and right of a weak point, but only on one side of the serpent.

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