Count Dracula
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Abilities Follows the player
Level 13, 19, 21, 24
1 blow from water from the water container
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Count Dracula is an enemy and the main antagonist in Turn-Undead.

Though he is encountered as an enemy for the majority of the game, he is encountered as the boss of the stage during the final level 24.


Dracula has a human-like form and wears a red billowing garment that covers most of its body. Dracula's skin is tan and it posses large pointed ears and claw-like hands that have two fingers and are curled backwards. On Dracula's face are two small, beady red eyes, a sinister grin, and sparse white facial hair on its chin. Lastly, Dracula has white hair in a pompadour-like style that is parted in the middle and protrudes out of the back of his head with a stray lock of hair coming from behind its ear and falling near its shoulder.

Game information

Levels 13, 19, and 21

In these levels Dracula chases the player and cannot be killed. Dracula will move one pace each turn and often seek to place itself on the space above the player, rendering them unable to jump upwards or fire stakes due to being killed immediately after in their inactive turns.

Though difficult to do, the player can stand on Dracula to use him as a platform; however, this is often not beneficial due to most of the levels Dracula is encountered in being narrow with no high places needed to be reached.

Level 24

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Dracula is the boss and the only objective of the level, as it lacks an exit. Dracula can only be killed with holy water from the water container. By attracting Dracula to the water container drop area and hitting him with it, Dracula will burn into ashes and explode.


  • Dracula seems to resemble the vampires in the game, both having claw-formed hands and the same styled face.