Dr. Siamese
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Evil
Level(s) Introduction and ending
Alive, fused with other animals
Game(s) Ribbit

Dr. Siamese is the antagonist and a character in the game Ribbit.


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Dr. Siamese has a small head in comparison to his body; his back appears to be hunched over. He is balding, and the only hair he has left is white. On a single strand of hair, there is a tiny, red bow. He has dark brown eyes and a bulbous pink nose; below his nose is a curved mustache.

In his ear, there is a stethescope, which is seen wrapped around his neck. He is wearing a long-sleeved lab coat that has two black buttons and one blue and one orange pen in its pocket. Both of his hands have four fingers, and they usually appear curved. Finally, he appears to be wearing large black boots.

Game information


Ribbit B00:30

Ribbit B

The introduction of Ribbit, which also introduces Dr. Siamese

Dr. Siamese invented the Merge-o-Matic, which he tested on a rabbit and a frog. When he put them in, they came out fused together. The creature, now called Ribbit, was angry at Dr. Siamese for being fused together.

The doctor ran away and created even more mixed animals.

Ribbit chased after him, and caught Dr. Siamese while he was putting even more animals into the Merge-o-Matic. Ribbit knocked the doctor into the machine, and he came out fused with other animals, therefore unable to do any more experiments.
Doctor Creature

The doctor fused with the other creatures

Ribbit E00:36

Ribbit E

The ending of Ribbit, which explains how Dr. Siamese was defeated.

In game

Dr. Siamese is not seen nor interacted with during the course of Ribbit, only his experiments are interacted with.


  • Dr. Siamese is based of Mr. Saturn from the EarthBound/Mother series of video games. This was confirmed by Jay Smith on Facebook.
  • Dr. Siamese may be loosely based off the 1896 story The Island of Doctor Moreau, which has a character who performs operations on animals trying to give them human like characteristics.
  • His name is based off siamese twins, who are usually joined together.
The animals that Dr. Siamese is fused to at the end of the game are: spider, giraffe, fly, crocodile, and a bunny.

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