Dr. Boshi's base
FN0 base
The background of the base as seen during the afternoon
Ruler Probably Dr. Boshi
Status Standing
Game Final Ninja Zero

Dr. Boshi's base is the unnamed location where Final Ninja Zero takes place. It was installed with many security precautions and numerous robots and guards were stationed around the area. Dr. Boshi used this base alongside Maxwell Merlock to run the Merlock Food Pharma Corp.


Doctor Boshi's base during the night



The exterior view of the base is seen in the background of some Final Ninja Zero levels. It appears as two tall buildings surrounded by multiple smaller buildings. Some lights are seen dotting the bases of the two tall buildings. The base is located over water, as a clear reflection can be seen in front of the surface which the base stands on.


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Robots & guards

Dr. Boshi's base, in all areas, is covered with many guards and robots. SWAT units are placed around the building to guard. Inside the building, in many rooms, there are drone mines. In the inner sanctums of the building are clone scientists, who work. Throughout the building patrol sentinel robots, the hard to destroy and dangerous robots. They are commonly spawned from spawners in other areas of the base.


Along with having a huge amount of guards, the building is also built with much security around it. Trip wire lasers are encountered often, and set off the alarm if an intruder is detected. The alarm, lasting for a short time, spawns large amounts of enemies who try to hunt out and eliminate the intruder. Other sections have force fields which block access in or out of a room. Destruction of the transmitter is required for further venturing. Also in the base are lasers and shock walls which are designed to hinder intruders. These precautions only detect characters from the outside.


A map of the building


A list of the notable people who worked at the base.

  • Dr. Boshi - The owner of the base. Dr. Boshi commands all who work there, and also is a business partner with Merlock. He was assassinated by Takeshi in the Clone Laboratory (area 13). Some of his messages between Merlock can be intercepted.
  • Maxwell Merlock - Business partner with Dr. Boshi. He owns the Merlock Food Pharma, and talks to Boshi. He is fought twice in the game, as the first and second as the final boss.


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