Open door T-U
An open door
Ability Barring enemies from passing
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Doors are interactive objects in the game Turn-Undead.


Doors, when closed, are shown from a side profile and appear as a brown column with grooves and a rectangular doorknob near the middle on either side. When a door is open it appears as a rectangle made of brown planks of wood that are placed vertically with three overlapping planks placed horizontally and on the top, bottom, and near the middle of the door.

There are two gold clasps on the door in an ornate shape with one being placed on the top horizontal plank of wood and the other being placed directly above the bottom plank. Lastly, halfway beneath the middle plank is a small rectangle made of wood that has a gold hinge in the center of it.

Game information

Doors first appear in level 4 of Turn-Undead. While closed, doors will bar enemies from passing and instead act like a wall. If the player touches a door and moves one space forward, the door will open and allow both enemies and the player to walk past them. If the player walks the opposite way they closed the door, the door will shut. The player cannot open doors if another enemy is on the opposite side.

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