This article is about checkpoints from Cheese Dreams: New Moon. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Door CD2
Ability Transports the moon to another room
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Demo, Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Doors are interactive objects in the game Cheese Dreams: New Moon and in the game's demo.


Doors are dark brown with a frame that has flat sides and a curved top. The rest of the door is a lighter shade of brown then the frame with a zigzag pattern dividing the door into two pieces and a arrow pointed up on the top half of the door. When the player enters a room by a door the door will be a simple white outline.

Game information

Doors are first introduced in level 1 of Cheese Dreams: New Moon. Doors allow access to other room by the player standing in front of one and pressing the up arrow key. In addition to transportation, doors act as checkpoints if the moon dies.

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