The Doorbell is a character in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


The Doorbell looks similar to a viking, except that it does not have any legs. The Doorbell is dark green, stuck on a brown plate which has three screws on it. At the lower jaw of the Doorbell's mouth, there are three teeth, while there are two at the upper jaw.

Game information

The Doorbell is a minor character that appears only on the Power Gate cutscene level. He blocks access to the next level, Like Clockwork by keeping the power gate closed. The Doorbell will only open the gate when the previous level, Power Up, is completed.


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From the Ice Breaker iOS website's Character page:

Bleep Bleep!
Not the biggest talker in the game!



  • The stone heads in the previous level Under Dwell level, Power Up, bear a striking resemblance to the Doorbell.