Dogadillo 1
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Rolling towards the player
Health One blow
Points 100
Game(s) Ribbit

Dogchineal are enemies in the game Ribbit. They are a mix of a dog and an cochineal that were fused together by the Merge-o-Matic.


Dogchineal appear standing up. In this position, one can see their six feet, ridged stomach, and their tail; their heads appear almost exactly like a dog's head. They are a mixed breed of a dog and cochineal. They appear to be mainly light brown and grey coloured, with yellow eyes.

Game information

They are stationary when Ribbit is not near them, but once they are very close of Ribbit, they will start rolling on the stage trying to reach Ribbit. They are dangerous on contact and will cause Ribbit to lose one heart. They can be killed, even when in motion, with a powered jump.


  • The dogchineal's attack resembles the attack of the Rhino Beetle.

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