The dog is the main character in the game In the Dog House. He follows his bone everywhere, and the player can control him by placing his bone in the place they want him to go. If he is not able to get to his bone, he lies down and sleeps.


The dog has variations of brown all over its body. Its body colour is brown. Its ears are dark brown and its belly is light brown; his eyes are simply black.

Game information

In each level of In the Dog House, the player has to lead the dog to his food. Upon completing a level, he get his bone and bark. The dog walks at a medium pace to his bone, and cannot be killed as nothing in in the dog house can kill the dog.

Other appearances

  • Horror skin - The dog appears sitting on a tree with glowing eyes.
  • Party skin - One of the most recognizable characters in the skin. The dog appears running on the pink Nitrome logo.



  • According to level two, the dog is a puppy[2].
  • The dog is apparently called "DOG" on the embedding of his food bowl.


  1. Help section of In the Dog House: "Move the tiles to create a path for him to run through."
  2. Help section of level two of In the Dog House: "Get the puppy as far as the sofa, and then make the path to the kitchen."