Dodge orange enzymes are enemies seen in the game Test Subject Blue and its sequels, Test Subject Green and Test Subject Complete.


Dodge orange enzymes look like orange blobs with some gradual shading from the top down, and have two small black dots for eyes. When crouching, dodge orange enzymes shrink down until they are just a small semicircle of orange barely above the platform on which they are located.

When they are standing up, two skinny legs will appear below the body, lifting the enzyme high in the air. When they are spiked up, orange spikes jab out of their body, and their eyes widen in alarm. When standing up, they sprout two thin orange legs under them, which push their body upwards.

Game information

Dodge orange enzymes are the first enemies introduced in the series to actually attack Blue, staying in a blob form until a proton bullet is fired, or when Blue gets too close to them. When Blue gets too close, dodge will emit spikes from his body, impacting Blue and killing him.

When a blue proton bullet is fired from Blue's proton cannon, the dodge orange enzyme is quick to adjust itself (hence its name "dodge"), depending on where the bullet is fired. If the bullet is fired at eye level, the enzyme will duck down towards the platform, allowing the bullet to pass over its head.

If fired close to the ground, however the enemy will pull itself stand on thin makeshift legs, of which the bullet will pass through. Passing this enemy by simply jumping over it is not possible, since it will develop spikes that destroy the proto-suit on contact.

When they block a pathway of the player's, they must be destroyed. A weakness of the dodge orange enzyme was revealed by the scientist, stating that "dodge is slow getting up after crouching." This can be proved when Blue tries to "trick" the enzyme by firing multiple bullets at one level, then switching to another height. An alternate method of killing the enzyme is to simply fire bullets both standing up and crouching in rapid succession. However, in both cases, caution must be used when there are portals around. The many bullets fired can pose a threat after going through a portal.