Test Subject Green - Message 5

Doctor Nastidious' PDA in level 5.

A list of quotes by Doctor Nastidious from Test Subject Green. Each quote for each level is read on a PDA device before the level starts.

Day Quote
5 At last, the Enzymes are all mine! I have waited a long time for this. That weak old Scientist and his stupid lab is history.

Now I will take it to the next level and realise [sic] the true potential of this so called Test Subject Blue.

6 Wheres the fun in testing Blue against Green? Lets make things interesting!

Lasers should do the trick, deadly and indestructible! Now lets throw in a untested Greeny. I like this one, hes got style!

7 Ok ok... So Blue managed to work out the last puzzle, I wont be so easy on Blue from now on.

Lets see if these new Changeable Reflectors cause problems!

8 Lasers, guns, the danger, its so exciting!

Just so I am not being too 1 dimensional, lets throw in some Reflectors for the bullets and lasers too!

9 I have been busy, I am so clever! Timed Lasers and platforms that switch on and off!

Oh yes... I have plans... Big plans!

10 So my question is what do I use? Green or Blue?

I mean Blue is weak like the Scientist but Blue has adapted to use the Proto-Suit well.

11 The Green Enzyme is much stronger than Blue, which do I use?

This test will see if Blue can learn about timing as well as agility and the power of the Proton Cannon.

12 Blue learns quickly! This little Enzyme might be the answer to all my problems!

Now if I can train it... Hmmm

13 Blue needs to learn how to fight, I know just the test!
14 I have tweaked the Dimension Wrapping Portals, when I introduce a different signature pattern to the coils they resonate at a different but stable frequency.

Oh I am so clever!

15 I must push Blue further, it must be ready... I cannot wait, once it is ready, there will be no stopping me! Nothing will be able to stop me!!!
16 I have found a new type of Green Enzyme, this is the most advanced Enzyme I have seen. I think I will call it Mimic.

Once Blue is detected, it will copy every move apart from standing still!

17 Move Blue, you need to move quickly but your thinking must be just as quick if you want to survive this little test!
18 Blue is a survivor, I like that! My latest invention is almost ready too, I can hardly wait, but Blue must get better,

Only until Blue completes all of my tests will he show his worth!

19 The Bouncing Green Enzymes are proving to be very useful and they are so easy to create!
20 Yet another invention of mine that is far superior to anything that anyone has ever invented! Moving Dimension Wrapping Portals!

Oh yes I am too clever!!!

21 It moves one way, and now it moves the other! What am I going to do next who knows!

Genius, just genius!!!

22 Combining the different elements increase the challenge on Blues intellect.

So many possibilities, so little time!

23 To prepare Blue, I must set this next test. It will be a shame if Blue fails but he must be able to deal with guns for my future schemes.

Tip... Do not stand still!

24 If at first you dont succeed, try try again!.

Rubbish! You should never fail! Win! Destroy! And rule the world! Haha

25 Run little Blue because the Mimic is after you and when he catches you... You die!

Unless you shoot him in the back or in the air!

26 The key here is to clear the path ahead before running in blind.

You will learn and when you do I will use you!

27 More tests... I could go on forever! But no! Time is of the essence...

I must finish Rex209.

28 My tests are getting harder and harder. But only the wily can truly be worthy.

Be quick but think about the Dimention Wrapping Portals, there is a way!

29 I must throw everything at Blue for these next two tests,

Only then will I know for sure that he is ready!

30 I have done it! Rex209 is ready!

Dont you die on me Blue, not now... You have come too far to fail me now.

Dont you dare!

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